WE OWN THE SKY by Sara Crawford | Book Review

*Content/Trigger Warnings: suicidal thoughts/attempts, imbalanced power dynamic in a romantic relationship* In We Own the Sky, the first book in The Muse Chronicles, we meet sixteen-year-old Sylvia. For her entire life, she’s lived through music, an attribute passed down from her rocker parents. Her mother overdosed when she was young, and her father struggles with addiction. … READ MORE

RJ: THE AGE OF INNOCENCE by Tim Soeder | Book Review

Trigger warnings: graphic depictions of sexual assault, sexual/physical/emotional abuse of a minor, stalking, suicide, incest, death. After Roger’s mother dies, his father relocates them to a new town in hopes of moving on. Roger decides to reinvent himself in his new high school as RJ, and finds himself at odds with his father’s new girlfriend’s shallow daughter, Jessica. But as … READ MORE

“Insatiable” by Erica Rivera

Insatiable by Erica Rivera

Erica Rivera is a young mother with a secret– anorexia. In her memoir Insatiable, she reveals the intricacies and pain the voice she calls Ana uses to manipulate her mind and actions. She married and became a mother at a young age in an attempt to keep the man she loved from being deported– but what … READ MORE

February Reading Wrap-Up

February Reading Wrap-Up

Even through February was objectively a pretty weird month for me overall, I managed to read 5 books! 1. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero This book gives readers bite-sized chapters of inspiration and tips on how to live their best lives. The author, Jen Sincero, lays out tips on how to identify self-sabotaging … READ MORE